Reconditioning and Return to Work Programs

Are you off work recuperating from an injury? Once the initial recovery from some injuries is complete, often further strengthening and endurance training is needed in order to be ready to return to work. Our programs address the specific needs of your work situation and help to prepare you both physically and with knowledge of proper body mechanics and posture to help you return to the job successfully. Every program is specifically designed to suit your needs. These programs may be initiated or funded by your insurance provider.

Our reconditioning programs consist of:

  • Exercises to suit the specific requirements of the patient in his/her job and to simulate, as much as possible their job demands and tasks
  • Cardiovascular training –treadmill and stationary bike
  • Core stability training – may incorporate the use of Bosu, stability balls, medicine balls, wobble boards
  • Strength and endurance training – Pulse exercise equipment, Saba pulley systems, free weights
  • Progression on a regular basis based on weekly re-assessment findings
  • Home exercise programs – Every patient is provided with paper or electronic copies of their home exercises.
  • Education – understanding the nature of the injury and recovery, proper body mechanics, correct ergonomic setup, pain management, injury prevention

Our newly expanded, 2285 square foot facility consists of 15 treatment rooms, a well-equipped gym as well as a fully accessible reception and front desk area.