Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy in WinnipegAthletic Therapy can be used to treat new acute injuries, or can help you combat nagging chronic conditions. After initial recovering from an injury, often further strengthening and endurance training is needed in order to return to everyday function and prevent further injury. Athletic therapy not only addresses musculoskeletal conditions to manage existing injuries, it can also help prepare you physically and with knowledge of proper body mechanics and posture to help prevent further injury. Athletic therapy is not just for athletes! Anyone can benefit from seeing an Athletic Therapist. Athletic therapists’ can help you return to your everyday activities following an injury, as well as help you strengthen core body systems in order to prevent injury in the future. Every athletic therapy program is specifically designed to suit your needs and goals!

Coverage for Athletic Therapy is provided under some private insurance plans, and is also available to individuals involved in a motor vehicle accident through Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI).

An Athletic Therapy Program can consist of:

  • Exercises to suit the specific goals of the patient, with progression on a regular basis based on regular re-assessment findings
  • Cardiovascular training – e.g. treadmill and stationary bike
  • Core stability training – may incorporate the use of Bosu, stability balls, medicine balls, wobble boards
  • Strength and endurance training –e.g. pulse exercise equipment, Saba pulley systems, free weights
  • Home exercise programs – Every patient is provided with paper or electronic copies of their home exercises.
  • Education – understanding the nature of the injury and recovery, proper body mechanics, correct ergonomic setup, pain management, injury prevention