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We are open for in person treatment! We will try and accommodate you as soon as possible but please know that to follow the distancing guidelines, we will have fewer people in the clinic at one time. Please call or email to book your appointment!

We are happy to announce that effective Tuesday April 28th, we will also be offering Tele-Rehab to our patients!

Telerehabilitation is a way to connect with your therapist over a live video chat via phone or computer to receive physiotherapy or athletic therapy services at a distance when an in-person visit is not possible.

How can Tele-Rehab help?
During a virtual session, our therapists will:
  • Assess mobility and strength
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Explain how to best manage your pain
  • Empower you with exercises, stretches and techniques to help alleviate your pain
  • Provide education and equip you with self management techniques
  • Develop a treatment plan and follow up schedule
Once we determine that a Tele-Rehab session is right for you, we can book your appointment. If you have been seen in the last 3 months for the same injury, we would book you for a 30 minute tele-rehab appointment. If you are new to the clinic or haven’t attended in the last 3 months, you will be booked for a 60 minute tele-rehab appointment.
  • Tele-Rehab Assessment (60 Min) – $81.00
  • Tele-Rehab Treatment (30 min) – $70.00

What you need:

  • An internet connection
  • A computer, tablet, or a smart phone with a camera

Please contact us if this seems like an option that would work for you.

Thank you for your understanding during this time. We look forward to hearing from you and supporting you (from a distance)!

Welcome to Markham Physiotherapy located in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada. We offer pain and injury solutions for South Winnipeg and beyond. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in order to achieve the best possible outcomes for those that seek our care.

At the heart of our practice is the promise to facilitate well being to the best of our abilities, and to approach everyone with compassion, honesty and integrity. Listening is a vital part of what we do.

Recovery from injury or illness requires a balance of education, rehabilitation and confidence. Markham Physiotherapy works as your partner on the road to better health and mobility by providing you with the most beneficial rehabilitation techniques, and the most up-to-date information about your injury. We will help you to build confidence to empower you in the healing process.

  • Physiotherapy

    Visit your Physiotherapist as soon as you experience lingering pain or discomfort. Physiotherapy is a science-based, regulated health discipline designed to diagnose physical problems – and then remedy them with ailment-specific treatments.

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  • Acupuncture

    Research has shown that acupuncture is an effective treatment for many problems. In conjunction with physiotherapy, it is used to alleviate pain and restore body function, allowing for a fuller – and possibly quicker – recovery and return to function.

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  • Massage Therapy

    Either on its own or in complement to physiotherapy is a treatment which consists of manipulation of the soft tissues of the body such as muscles, tendons, and connective tissue with the goal of improving tissue healing, providing relaxation and relief of pain, as well as increasing circulation and the activity of the lymphatic system.

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  • Athletic Therapy

    Athletic therapists are skilled in the prevention and care of acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders (muscles, bones, joints) to the physically active sustained either at work or through involvement in recreational or sporting activities.

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Our Classes

Knee Rehabilitation Classes in Winnipeg

Knee Rehabilitation Classes

Have you recently had knee replacement surgery, or know someone who has? We offer rehabilitation classes several times a week to help individuals recovering from knee replacement surgery restore their mobility and function. The class is suitable for anyone who has had a knee replacement, regardless of age or time since the surgery. The class is conducted by an experienced physiotherapist who will monitor progress and re-assess at each visit.

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Physiologic yoga in Winnipeg

Physiologic Yoga

Physiologic yoga is a unique approach to traditional yoga, aimed at reducing muscle tension, calming the nervous system, and improving mindfulness. This type of yoga encompasses gentle movements and poses, while focusing on linking movements and the breath. Practicing yoga can help lower your blood pressure and heart rate. Yoga also helps manage stress and promote relaxation.

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Frequently change your position at work. Prolonged sitting at your computer places increased pressure…

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